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Garage Conversions

Garage Conversion Projects


It is important to ensure that any new windows, doors or brickwork match the existing property to ensure the project seamlessly blends into the existing property. It is also important to ensure the current electric ring main and boiler can cope with the added electrics and radiators to avoid poor feed and higher running costs.

Garage Conversion

Garage Conversions Fastest Growing Sectors

Garage conversions are one of the fastest growing sectors within the home improvements industry. The main reason for this is due to the low cost of creating a new room as there is already a room 3/4 complete.

Garage Conversion 2

Converting A Garage Into A Habitable Room

When converting a garage into a habitable room it is important to consider the new usage carefully as size could be an issue. Always keep in mind that the current garage size will be smaller once insulation is added to comply with building regulations. This obviously won’t become an issue when converting a double garage.Adding a small extension onto a garage can also be a fantastic way of creating lots more space and keep the cost down compared to full extension, again as one room is already there with the garage.

Garage Conversion 3

Architects Drawings For The Garage Conversion Project

Architects drawings for the garage conversion project should be no more than £750 – £1,000 Permissions/building warrant should cost no more than £400. Allow for 5-8 weeks for permissions. A single garage should take 2/3 weeks to complete and a double garage no more than 4/6 weeks to complete. These timescales allow for adding a kitchen or en-suite bathroom. Leyland Forrest offer all architects fees and permissions completely free of charge for using our services. Leyland Forrest have their own preferred architects therefore saving you a large sum you can then spend on your project rather than on permissions.

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