Fire Stopping

Fire door keep shut sign


All fire doors should display adequate fire safety signage, public access doors should display on either side with a Fire door keep shut sign.


Riser cupboard doors should display a Fire door keep locked sign on the outer face only but should be kept locked. Covered by BS 5499

Fire rated hinges


It is essential that in the event of a fire that a fire door maintains its structural integrity for as long as possible and protects an escape route or prevents the spread of fire. With this principle in mind, each fire door should be fitted with Fire rated hinge. These are designed to withstand the impact of fire for longer than a non-fire rated hinge BS EN 1935. It is also recommended that fire rated hinges be fitted with intumescent hinge pads with will further extend the longevity of the hinge in the event of a fire.

Intumescent fire and smoke seal

Smoke poses a greater threat to life them fire, for this reason it is essential that all escape routes are protected from smoke. All fire doors should be fitted with fire and smoke seals as recommended in Approved document B and BS 9999:2017

Plastic pipe


When plastic pipes, such as soil pipes and waste water pipes penetrate through walls and ceilings, It is important to recognize that in the event of a fire these pipes will melt and leave a route for fire and smoke to travel, form one compartment of the building to another. Allowing the fire to grow. In these circumstances it is essential that intumescent collars are fitted properly. These collars are designed to react in the event of a fire. The material used within the collar will expand in conditions of extreme heat and close of the aperture and prevent the further spread of fire.


All products tested to BS 476:22:1987

Door Closers


Door closer on fire rated doors are an important component of the over all door set. They are often over looked. They should always be fitted to the manufacturers instructions. The correct closer should be chosen and should only be fitted or adjusted by a competent person. It is important to carry out regular inspections to ensure that the door closer is preforming its intended function correctly. BS EN 1154:1997

Penetrating cables

During the construction process, holes and penetrations are cut into floors and ceiling for the installation of pipes and cables. If these penetrations are not sealed properly, they provide a route for the passage of fire from one area (compartment) of the building to another. This is an area of fire stopping that is often overlooked, due to the hidden location of pipes and services, Cupboards, Riser Cupboards, Ceiling voids, roof voids and basement areas. No matter how small the penetration, it needs to be sealed.

Intumescent lock jackets

All locks fitted with in a fire rated door must be fire rated and comply with BS8621:2004. It is recommended that lock sets within fire doors are fitted with an intumescent lock jacket. This is intended to protect the integrity of the lock for longer which in turn will maximise the escape times in the event of a fire.

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