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Leyland Forrest Building Services

Leyland Forrest Building Services are able to cater for a variety of your building maintenance and compliance needs.


We are able to help you with all your fire stopping and fire door concerns. We can carry out compartmentation and fire door surveys, provide comprehensive, fully costed reports.


Through our comprehensive surveys, we are able to identify, document, cost and execute all rectification works.


You will be able to track our reports throughout the process with our unique customer access to our live data base.


All works carried out are labled, documented and included in our before and after report along with all product test certification and all other relivant documentation allowing you to keep on site records up to date.

Our Services

Fire Stopping

Fire Doors

Suspendend Ceilings

Compartmentation Surveys

Fire Door Surveys

Partition Walls

Office Alterations

Work Place Maintenance

High Rise Maintenance





Did you know that Leyland Forrest Building Services carry out Fire Stopping & Fire Door Surveys. Why not give our highly skilled team a call on 0161 627 1442 or 07876 501117